What Is Custom Fabrication?

To understand the answer to "What is custom fabrication", it's essential to understand what fabrication is. Fabrication is the process of modifying material into a final product. Fabrication can be performed on various types of materials.

Custom fabrication is the modification of a material into a custom product. For example, you may need a replacement for the cutting edges of your ATV snow plow. Our experienced, expert custom fabrication team can manufacture these cutting edges, or any other product or part you may need. In addition to custom fabrication, if appropriate, MDI Truck also offers repair services.

An Experienced Custom Fabrication Shop

MDI Truck has provided custom fabrication services for over 15 years. Our custom fabrication craftsmen are experienced in a variety of custom fabrication applications.

Our custom fabrication team is experienced in providing solutions for:

  • Industrial fabrication needs
  • Structural fabrication needs
  • Commercial fabrication needs

In addition to having experience in performing custom fabrication for a wide variety of products and parts, our custom fabrication shop utilizes computer controlled machines to ensure your custom fabrication job is done to your exact tolerances and specifications. In manufacturing, precision is a must for smooth operation. MDI Truck recognizes this need for precision and embodies it in all of our custom fabrication work.


Our Custom Fabrication Services

fabrication team in auburn, new yorkOur experienced custom fabrication team has a diverse skill set, allowing MDI Truck to provide custom fabrication that meets your individual needs.

To provide truly custom solutions, we offer the following services:

  • 100 ton brake pressure
  • Welding
  • Custom Bodies

Additionally, our high definition plasma cutter ensures your custom fabrication job is completed with the highest degree of quality and accuracy to your specifications.

MDI Truck is capable of performing custom fabrication on nearly any imaginable metal or material. Our expertise and experience positions us to provide our customers with truly custom fabrication services, with a capacity to fulfill your individual needs.


Our Custom Fabrication includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

Custom Metal Fabrication

In addition to custom metal fabrication, MDI Truck has provided satisfactory solutions for a variety of individual and organizational custom steel fabrication needs. Our custom steel fabrication services can get the job done right, ensuring your parts or product function flawlessly.

Don't risk getting it done wrong; contact MDI Truck's custom steel fabrication experts.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

MDI Truck's 15 years of experience in custom fabrication includes custom sheet metal fabrication. Our custom sheet metal fabrication is always performed to your specifications, ensuring you get the product or part you need. MDI Truck's experienced custom sheet metal fabrication team are capable of performing fabrication jobs that require either forming or cutting, making MDI Truck ideal for any of your custom sheet metal fabrication needs.

Get It Done With MDI Truck

MDI Truck's experienced custom fabrication solutions are provided from a proven process that emphasizes getting it done right and on time. Your world works on tight deadlines; our custom fabrication solutions reflect that reality.

For an experienced approach to your custom fabrication needs, contact us.

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