BX 12 Box Plow: Overview

MDI Truck’s inventory of snow plows for sale includes The Boss BX-12. The Boss BX-12 is made to perform with the highest degree of efficiency while making wear and tear minimal, making it one of the best snow plows for sale if you’re looking for dependability and durability. The Boss BX-12 snow plow boasts a segmented trip-edge that’s designed for optimal obstruction clearance. This Boss BX-12 snow plow for sale is positioned to maintain contact with pavement and snow, but reduces the impact inflicted on the loader, plow and driver, providing for long-term performance.


Width : 12'
Approximate Weight : 2000 lb
Moldboard Height : 38"
Base Angle : 1/2" x 6"
Cutting Edge : 1/2" x 8"
Trip Strategy : Segmented Trip- Edge
Trip Height Clearance : 8"
Sideplate Dimensions : 40" x 56"
Sideplate Thickness : 3/8"
Sideplate Leveling : Automatic
Vertical Supports : 12
Horizontal Supports : 5 upper pans / 7 lower pans
Attachment Strategy : Bucket Receiver
Vertical Hitch Float : Automatic
Wing Shoes : AR450

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