JJAG Wing Plow


This JJAG Wing snow plow provides efficient plowing power combined with versatile features to get the job done rapidly and right. When looking for a snow plow for sale, you won't find any other that provides the safety and convenience features of JJAG Wing. The plow is designed to throw snow over banks after it comes in to contact with the blade's edge. This feature prevents snow banks from growing quickly. The JJAG Wing's plowing power is capable of cutting snow banks as deep as 4'6" and as tall as 18".


Efficiency Features of JJAG Wing Snow Plows 

The JJAG Wing's unique design features a side mounted blade that can be extended, raised or lowered due to its hydraulic system. These features make it so your side plow can be fitted tightly to prevent obstruction. The JJAG Wing also will not obstruct access to your truck's dump box or trailer hitch. In addition to the JJAG Wing's retractability, this snow plow for sale is made for quick, easy removal from your truck.


Safety Features of JJAG Wing Snow Plows 

JJAG Wing snow plows feature a signature protection system that ensures durability and performance. Utilizing the plow's hydraulic cushion valves, the plow's blade will retract toward your vehicle upon impact with an object or material that is taller than the blade's trip height. This feature protects your plow from unnecessary, excessive wear, keeping in tact the JJAG Wing's high standards of performance and longevity.


How To Purchase Our JJAG Wing Snow Plows 

MDI Truck makes ordering JJAG Wing snow plows simple.Contact us online or call us at 315-253-5157 to order your JJAG Wing.

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